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Operating Systems

Bingo Sites by Operating Systems – Things have changed very much over the years when it comes to online bingo. One big change is in the different operating systems that they can be played on but if you use Windows you’re in the lucky camp. Because the majority of people use Windows, bingo developers have always made sure that their sites were compatible with this, and it would be highly unusual to come across a bingo site you couldn’t play on if you had Windows.

Most online bingo sites operate on a no download basis, meaning that there is no software to download before you can start to play. This is very popular as it means that if you are using a different computer than your own this will not prevent you from playing. Some gaming sites take a while to download and take up space on your hard-drive, so anything that means you can get playing bingo with no delay is always a popular thing. This is sometimes referred to as flash bingo. This means that because you do not need to download software in many instances, the games are browser based. Thus, the games will work on most all platforms.

Linux Bingo

Linux isn’t really one system but is rather the group name for Unix-like computer operating systems which use the Linux kernel. Fortunately, many bingo sites are flash based or browser based and require no download at all. Thus, bingo players using a Linux based platform have plenty of bingo sites to play at.

Mac Bingo

There are people who would like to play bingo on an Apple Macintosh, also known as Mac. A few years ago this would have been quite difficult to do as most sites only catered for PC users but luckily things have changed over the years. Not all bingo sites are compatible with Mac but nowadays there are online sites you can play on. You need to make sure you have Macromedia Flash on your Mac and you’re good to go.

Bingo on your Mobile

Mobile phone bingo is a relative newcomer to the world of bingo but is steadily gaining in popularity. Many people lead busy lives and so may not always have the luxury of sitting down in front of a computer to enjoy a game of online bingo. However if they can play bingo on a mobile phone this may give them the opportunity to play. This could particularly be useful to people who spend time travelling but will of course also appeal to people who do not have internet access. Different phones are compatible with different sites in terms of actual bingo applications, but again – most smart phones are able to run flash. So, you can play bingo on your mobile at any flash based bingo site.