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Prepaid Vouchers for bingo

Prepaid vouchers are gaining popularity as a banking option at online bingo halls. They are accepted by a majority of online casinos. Prepaid vouchers are a convenient and safe online payment option.

Different Types of Prepaid Vouchers

With increase in the popularity of this payment method, pre-paid voucher options are also increasing. Ukash, paysafecard, Wallie-cards and ultimate game card are some of the most popular prepaid voucher options. All these cards are available at a number of retail outlets. They are also available online. You may be able to purchase them from ATMs and telephone booths as well. To use these cards at online bingo halls, you just need to choose the suitable payment option and enter the unique code given on your card.

Advantages of Using Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid vouchers promote responsible gambling. They ensure better money management than both credit cards and debit cards. When you use credit cards directly or via e-wallets to make deposits at online bingo halls, you are essentially borrowing funds to gamble. You will be making actual payments only once you receive your credit card bill. This can encourage you to gamble more than your means thinking that you can win back the losses before the payment due date. The pre-paid nature of vouchers limits the amount you gamble.

In case of debit cards, you are not borrowing money, but unlike pre-paid vouchers, they have higher limits that can tempt you to gamble more. As the vouchers are bought for cash, they are not reflected in either your credit card bills or bank statements. Moreover, as no bank is involved, there is no chance of vouchers being rejected. Using pre-paid vouchers also means that you need not disclose your credit/debit card number at the bingo hall.

Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Vouchers

A low limit can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Some people may find the low limit restricting. If you prefer to have the freedom of deciding how much to gamble, pre-paid vouchers may not be your best payment option.