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Playing bingo for real money

When playing bingo for real money, players often make a deposit to their bingo player account. After doing so, they have real money funds to play bingo with. Thus, they can buy bingo cards & play in bingo games for real money. Usually, when a player makes a real money deposit to their bingo accounts – the player gets a bonus for their deposit. The bonus a real money bingo player gets is in addition to the money they have deposited.

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Top Bingo Rooms for Real Money

Bingo Room Reviews Welcome Bonus Markets Play Now
Gala Bingo Gala Bingo Deposit £10 > Play with £50 UK, EU Play
Maria Bingo Maria Bingo 50% up to €50 UK, EU Play
Jackpot Joy Bingo JackpotJoy Bingo Deposit £10 > Get £35 UK, EU Play

Best real money bingo bonus

Bet365 is the best real money bingo bonus around. The Bet365 Bingo bonus requires you to deposit & play at least £5. After you’ve played £5 in bingo games, you get an extra £25 in bonus money. Unlike most other welcome bonuses, the Bet365 Bingo bonus MAY be cashed out in full and in addition to any winnings you have accumulated when playing at Bet365.

There are several different types of bingo bonus offers that are given to real money bingo players. While there are different bonuses, the fact remains that all bonuses are extra money designed to encourage deposit and play. The main differences amongst bingo bonuses generally sits within how and when a player makes a deposit. Players who are new to an online bingo site typically benefit from a healthy first time deposit bonus if they have done their homework correctly. Players making subsequent deposits, or deposits after already receiving their initial deposit bonus, receive either a reload bonus of sorts or a VIP bonus on their reload. The reload bingo bonus is designed to encourage players to replenish or reload their bingo accounts so that the bingo site has a better chance of retaining the player.

First time deposit bonus

When you’re new to online bingo and hear about a bonus everything sounds very easy – you deposit a certain amount of money and will then receive the bonus that is being advertised, so if the bingo company advertises a 100% bonus, and you make a deposit of £30 then you’ll receive £60. It seems very straightforward, but as people who have played online games before will soon tell you it is not necessarily as easy as it seems.

As well as getting a bonus you also have to clear a bingo bonus, which takes a little more work than just making a deposit. Each site will have it’s own criteria for clearing the bonus, so it is important that you check the Terms and Conditions of whichever bingo site you wish to play on to avoid any disappointment. Usually you have to wager a certain amount of money, which will be a multiplication of the bonus. For example, if the site says that in order to clear a bonus you have to wager real money 2 times the bonus, if the bonus is £10 this means that you then you have to wager £20.

A few sites stipulate that only play on certain games counts towards your wagering requirements, so if you’re trying to clear your bonus make sure that the games you’re playing on will count. Sometimes there may be a requirement to also make a deposit yourself. After you have cleared the bonus you will then be free to do other things that you would not have been able to do before. For example, if you look at most sites you will see that you are unable to withdraw any winnings until you have cleared the initial bonus.

Bingo sites have to put these conditions into place to prevent people just taking the bonus and then withdrawing it, and even worse from their point of view using the bonus to play, having a large win and then withdrawing it. If players did this then a bingo site would soon reach the point where it could no longer operate, as it would be paying our far more money that it was taking in.

Reload Bonus

When you go to the page of any bingo site you’ll usually see many things advertised on the front, or home page. Often there will be different tabs showing promotions, customer service and frequently asked questions, as well as sections on how to open an account, deposit money and withdraw it. There’s also usually a section about bonuses, as these play a large role in both attracting players and retaining them.

There are different types of bonuses that sites offer, and one of these is the reload bonus. This is a bonus you’ll get when you reload your account with money, in other words when you make another deposit after your initial one. Sometimes these are also referred to as a deposit bonus; it just depends on what language the site uses.

Traditionally reload bonuses came from the worlds of online poker and online casino. If a player had made a deposit but had then not played for a long time they would be contacted by someone from the site, usually by email although sometimes by phone, and were offered a bonus if they made a deposit within a certain time frame. Historically reload bonuses were offered more by the smaller sites as they battled to make themselves more competitive with the larger sites. The larger sites traditionally had a better choice of games and larger prizes and so naturally attracted players who would visit and both play and deposit on a regular basis. Therefore the smaller sites would be quite aggressive with their marketing to try and level the playing field. By offering a reload bonus to someone who hadn’t played for a while they could hopefully bring them back to their site and get them playing again.

Nowadays real money bingo reload bonuses are much easier to come by. Some bingo sites have a permanent reload bonus, so whenever you deposit you know what size of the bonus you will get. Other sites will offer these every so often, so it pays to keep an eye out for them. Sometimes you’ll see them promoted on the site, and other times you may receive notification on these by email or through the live chat. It pays to make a deposit when these are on offer though, as it gives you more money to play and hopefully win with. Some marketing teams use quite sophisticated methods when approaching players and working out who to target with the offer of a bonus, so if you have been offered a reload bonus before and accepted it there will be a greater chance you get offered one again.