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Bingo is a fun and upbeat game. Far too often, players & webmasters are entirely too upbeat on where they choose to play bingo, especially on the Internet. Here at, we want to break from the trend of the average everyday bingo portal and point out both the bad and the good. See, we are firm believers that bingo sites like ours love blowing sunshine and quite honestly, it does neither the players nor the online bingo industry any good to pump up all bingo sites without discretion.

To set the stage, we have created our list of blacklisted bingo sites. These are sites that we feel players are best off avoiding (i.e. – not playing at these blacklisted sites). We use various criterion in placing bingo sites on the avoid list. The various issues that could land a bingo site on the “avoid list” include the following:

Reputation of the bingo site and its owners

Association of the bingo site with less than reputable present/past ventures, websites or current management
Bingo sites who have issues at the cashier window, meaning they are slow to pay out or cash outs do not happen often
Bingo sites who do not provide adequate support
Bingo sites who deliberately mislead their players in terms of offerings
Bingo sites who are not properly licenced to offer remote gaming
Bingo sites that engage in “shady” behaviour and tactics to players and/or webmasters

Safe Bingo Sites

Before getting into the list of bingo sites to avoid at all costs, we want to direct you to the approved regulatory bodies that are responsible for overseeing “reputable” online gaming. It is imperative that you stick to playing only at sites that are licenced and regulated by these regulators, as they have each have a method to resolve issues that may arise. Through each licence issuer, you can learn more about the processes each regulated site goes through and how to go about filing a complaint or getting your issues resolved with a “whitelisted” bingo site.

Gibraltar Licencing Authority

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee

Bingo sites we suggest you avoid

1. (Parlay Network) – We’ve initiated coverage of and their sister sites (Big Time Bingo and Bingo Palace, as well as World Wide Vegas Casino) and we have issued an AVOID rating.

2. Bingo Hall / Vics Bingo – Bingo Hall & Vic’s Bingo are bingo sites that reside on the Parlay Network. They are owned by Winward Gaming Group. Bingo Hall has claimed they are covered under the licence of Parlay’s software. However, upon further investigation, whilst Parlay Entertainment – trading as Parlay Malta Limited is licenced with the UK Gambling Commission to install gambling software remotely, they are not licenced to regulate games and day to day activity of the bingo sites that they have installed software for.

In further tracing down the extent of the gambling licences issued to Parlay Entertainment, they also claim to have licences of some sort via the Isle of Man, as well as through the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. This claim may be valid, however we have not been able to uncover conclusive evidence suggesting that Parlay is appropriately licenced to cover other bingo operators such as Winward Casino via Bingo Hall and Vic’s Bingo. Nor have we been able to conclude that Bingo Hall and Vic’s Bingo have any type of licencing covering their games or processes. As a result, we firmly believe that bingo players should AVOID playing at either Bingo Hall or Vic’s Bingo, as the risk of playing and holding funds at an unlicenced bingo site is too great to justify.

Upon further research, Parlay Games Limited does in fact hold a class 1 & class 2 Licence through AGCC. However, the licence covers neither Bingo Hall nor Vic’s Bingo. Their egambling licence does extend to other sites on the Parlay Network. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you AVOID BingoHall and Vic’s Bingo until further notice effective 5 November 2011.

3. 123 Bingo Online / Bingo Flash – 123BingoOnline and Bingo Flash are sister sites of one another and are based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. These sites are promoted by Bingo4Affiliates and are open to US players, which we cite as the first issue. As we may know, many gambling and gaming websites who are open to real money US players have been the subject of scrutiny due to both “less than ethical” payment processing issues and the US Government is of the posture that gambling over the Internet is illegal in their country. The US Government has been on an active mission to shut down and/or make life “difficult” for companies that allow US real money players. Add to the mix that both 123 Bingo and Bingo Flash are not licenced or regulated and their player support has been difficult, if not impossible to reach AND their respective no deposit bonuses do not work the way they are supposed to – and we have our first bingo site that gets the AVOID label. As of 18 July 2011, we suggest avoiding both 123bingo online and bingo flash.

4. AVOID any member of “The Bingo Affiliates Network”. This includes the following bingo sites:

Amigo Bingo
Canadian Dollar Bingo
Bingo Australia
Bingo Francais
2-4-1 Bingo
Juego Bingo
Loonie Bingo
Virtual Bingo
Bingo Europe
Top Club Bingo
I Won Bingo
Big Bucks Bingo
Bingo Brasil
Gay Pride Bingo
Audio Bingo
Sorority Bingo
Bingo Mexicano
Bingo Gratis Enlinea
Black Bingo
Bingo Espanol
Italiano Bingo
Espanol Bingo
Kiwi Bingo
Galactic Bingo
Bingo Kid
Twin Towers Bingo
Bingo NewZealand
Bingo Euro
50 plus Bingo
Holiday Bingo
Bingo Color
Military Wives Bingo
Louisiana Mega Bingo

There are numerous things that we could (and surely will) cite about “The Bingo Affiliates Network. For starters, they are an unlicenced bingo network, thus they have no regulation or supervision. Per their terms and conditions, what they say is final and binding. Thus, they can decide to keep your money, tell you they are not giving your money back, and their decision is final and binding. Spelled out, players have no remedy to recovery of their funds when playing at any of these rogue bingo sites.

Second, they have policies in place that are not very player friendly. They lack the ability to cash out more than $1000 per week per person. This is when they in fact choose to cash out players. There are numerous complaints around the Internet of insanely slow pays, no pays, and horrible customer support. This of course, is without mentioning the $100 cash-out fee for US players in addition to the $50 check delivery fee.

Finally, there is reports of misleading information being published on their various websites in an attempt to increase the “credible appearance” of the bingo rooms – specifically – having congratulatory announcements on their websites making it sound as if certain players have booked big wins in one game, when in fact they (the actual named player) have no knowledge of such winnings. We invite the operators, chat managers, and players of these sites to email us their sides of the story.

With the above taken into consideration, we place the entire “Bingo Affiliates Network” and all of their bingo sites on our bingo sites to avoid list.

5. Bingo Day / Titan Bingo – Bingo Day and Titan Bingo are two bingo sites that we promoted briefly in the past. Whilst these sites are licenced by the Offshore Gaming Directorate of Antigua and Barbuda, we simply do not trust them. In 2008, Bingo Day upgraded their software and whilst glitches can be expected, but players were having severe issues in terms of depositing and cashing out. On the affiliate side, the tracking did not follow the players and as a result, players did not receive special bonuses they were promised from the portal they learned of Bingo Day through. Because support was either unhelpful or beyond reach, it left a sour taste in players’ mouthes. It is worth noting though that the support team may have been busy on a “reputation management” campaign, as there are numerous blog comments cluttering the Google search listings citing things such as “I don’t know what the bad press is all about, I’ve deposited and cashed out to my bingo day account through NETeller with no problems.” Enough said – Bingo Day and Titan Bingo receive the AVOID label retroactive to December 2009.

6. Bingo Fest, Bingo Sky, Cyber Bingo Free Flash Network – These rogue bingo sites are unlicenced and unregulated and are promoted via the same people that promote Cyber Bingo UK (see below). Considering the promoter’s knack for finding “sinking ship” – an unregulated bingo room is 100% not what the doctor orders and should be avoided at all costs.

As supporting evidence, there is a history of slow pay/no pay with said bingo rooms above. The sites additionally continue to illegally service USA bingo players. Thus, rating of AVOID is issued to Bingo Fest, Bingo Sky, and Cyber Bingo, as well as any member site on the Cyber Bingo Free Flash Network and Vista Gaming Affiliates.

Bingo Sites to be Cautious of

1. Cyber Bingo – UK – Cyber Bingo is a rather big name to be on this list. Whilst they are properly licenced via the Government of Gibraltar and they do have multiple affiliate outlets promoting them, we are cautious about further promoting them due to their association with affiliate programs who have a history of pushing operators & programs who have went under in a bad way.

Will Cyber Bingo travel down the same path as programs like CardSpike – who knows… But really, with the track record of those who are in charge of one of their affiliate programs, why would I or anyone else want to take the chance? Consequently, we give Cyber Bingo UK the CAUTION rating, suggesting that you look for better, more reputable options.

updated 16 January 2012 – Cyber Bingo UK is owned by CB Malta Corporation Ltd. This very same company owns subsidiary company CB Corporation Ltd of the UK (owners of Bingo Fest, Bingo Sky, and US Facing Cyber Bingo. Puzzling is the fact that these bingo sites do not have proper UK licencing, nor do they have licencing from Malta’s LGA. Rhetorically speaking, why would these companies set up headquarters in one jurisdiction only to obtain licencing elsewhere if at all? Again, representatives are welcomed to respond to any and all of the notes contained in our opinion piece, but we reitterate the WARNING rating on Cyber Bingo UK, whilst maintaining the AVOID rating for BingoFest, BingoSky, and the USA facing Cyber Bingo. It is, however, fair to mention that Cyber Bingo UK’s “WARNING” is issued due to their association with the other AVOID listed bingo sites. The UK version of Cyber Bingo is on the Dragonfish software and is licenced and run by Cassava Enterprises (888). Thus, the majority of the work is “hands off” for the owners. Whilst there is less risk involved in playing with them than there is with their US facing sisters, the association is enough to maintain the warning.

Only play bingo at safe bingo sites worthy of trust

Whilst individual outcomes at the sites we have blacklisted may vary, it makes sense to eliminate the risk involved in being scammed. The best way to do such a thing is to play bingo only at safe and licenced bingo sites worthy of your trust. We have listed several reputable sites that are worthy of your play here at our bingo information site. These safe bingo sites are visible on our sidebar under the heading of “reputable bingo sites.”