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Our top mobile internet bingo site is currently mFortune. mFortune is a bingo site that caters to all mobile phone users, whether its iPhone, Blackberry, Android or others. Whether using an iphone, a droid, any smart phone, or even playing on your iPad, laptop or desktop, mFortune is the way to go.

Best of the rest of the mobile bingo sites

One of our best rated mobile bingo & casino sites is mFortune Bingo. mFortune Bingo is a casino and bingo site that caters to mobile phone users, specifically those on the iPhone and Droid. Whether using an iphone, a droid, any smart phone, or even playing on your iPad, laptop or desktop, mFortune is the way to go. You can pay and play via your mobile phone bill or you can use PayPal to play mobile bingo at mFortune Bingo.

Alternatively, Foxy Bingo recently released a mobile app that allows you to play right on your i-phone, ipad, or droid. In fact, you can play Foxy Bingo on any smart phone, however the downside is that the apps on Foxy Bingo are not 100% integrated to their actual bingo room as we (traditional online bingo players) know. We additionally love iBingo, which is a bingo site that was built around the mobile phone – specifically the iPhone. You can learn more about both of these top mobile bingo sites by clicking on the review links below. You can also click the url and visit either of these mobile bingo rooms.

Playing Mobile Phone Bingo Games

People lead increasingly busy lives these days, often having to commute for long distances or hold down a couple of part-time jobs. Because of this leisure time is often quite limited, which makes it harder for players to sit at a computer and log on to play online bingo. This has led though to an increase in the number of people who use their mobile phone to play bingo on. This is a ideal solution for those who want to play but before had few opportunities to, as most people have a mobile phone so can play bingo whilst they’re traveling or waiting to do something else without having a computer handy. There are a huge number of different mobile phones in the UK, although the most popular ones at the moment are the Blackberry, iPhone and Nokias.

For some mobile bingo sites, you are asked to choose the game you want to play. Once you have selected your desired game, you must enter your phone number where requested and you will then be sent a text message which contains a mobile link. You need to click onto the link and the game will be downloaded onto your phone. Some sites ask you to send them a text message before sending you a wap link by a return text. Other companies allow you to play bingo on your mobile phone without having to download anything, which some players prefer.

When it comes to making a deposit to a mobile bingo site you can usually use a credit card or even charge it to your phone, so you will pay for it via your phone bill. Some sites also allow you to use Ukash to make a deposit with.

Not all mobile games are compatible with all types of phone, so before you get too excited about playing on a site just check that your phone is compatible with them. Whatever phone you have though, a Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, or droid – be sure to check so that you’ll be able to find a suitable game.

Some players are a little concerned about what happens if they get disconnected as they play mobile bingo, especially if they’re on the move and know that they will be passing through a black-spot area. However, as most online bingo players already know, you do not physically have to call house when you win a game. As long as you have bought the cards you can be away from your screen and still win, and the same is still true for playing bingo on your mobile phone. If you are disconnected but go on to win you will not be penalized for not being connected throughout the game, and will find your winnings in your account when you check.

Many mobile bingo companies will also give you a free no deposit bonus, which is great as that means you can check out the site before you have to commit to making a deposit using your own money. This follows on from the tactics many online bingo sites use to attract new players, and as it has proved to be successful it is being repeated in this field.

As time goes on more companies are introducing mobile phone bingo as an option which can only be a good thing. So wherever you are you can now enjoy playing your favourite game at all times!