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Many bingo sites belong to an online bingo network as this means that they can offer larger prizes and offer a better gaming experience then if they were truly run and offering games all by themselves. Bingo networks also allow for numerous Internet bingo sites to pool their players together, which results in each bingo site seeming to have more players. This enhances the illusion of each site having a large player base and additionally adds to both the excitement & the potential prize pools for each networked bingo game. Each individual bingo site is still able to offer their own special promotions as well as take advantage of the prizes, games, and offers that the network brings to the table.

Below are some of the better & more common Internet bingo networks and a brief overview of each one. Detailed reviews of each bingo network will appear in future website updates.

Dragonfish Bingo Network
Dragonfish bingo

Dragonfish has been running since 2007, when 888, a massive name in the world of online gaming, decided to expand into the business to business sector. The software is extremely adaptable, which means that bingo sites can mould it to their needs and it will look different than other bingo sites operating on Dragonfish software. Dragonfish has more than 250 chat hosts who are kept busy offering a variety of chat games which players can earn loyalty points in. They offer both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo as well as over 30 Quickplay games. Many Dragonfish sites will give you a registration bonus and a first deposit bonus, which makes them more generous than many other online bingo sites.’s list of the top Dragonfish bingo sites & Dragonfish network review.

Brigend Limited Bingo Network
brigend ltd bingo

Brigend Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited. These in turn are the operating subsidiary of well established group, 888 Holdings plc. This network has a huge amount of players, so if you play on any one of their sites you’re sure to be impressed by the fact that rooms generally seem to be very busy and there’s a lively atmosphere. Brigend Limited are recognised as having great graphics to enhance the playing experience. They also offer features such as pre-buy tickets and progressive jackpots, and offer 75 and 90 ball bingo, as well as games which you can play either between bingo games or at the same time as them.

We review and list the top Brigend Limited network bingo sites.

Virtue Fusion Alderney Limited was actually launched in London in 2001 with 5 staff, but now employs around 300 people. They have won many awards and have a massive network of players, with more than 7000 online at peak times. This enables them to offer some fantastic prizes and has helped fuel their growth. Virtue Fusion offers 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo with the expected range of side games such as slots, progressive slots, number games and scratchcards, and a variation of bingo called Joker Jackpot.

Our complete review & listing of the best Virtue Fusion network bingo sites.

Microgaming Bingo
microgaming bingo

Microgaming have been operating since 1994 and are based on the Isle of Man. They claim to be the market leader when it comes to innovative gaming solutions and offer 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, as well as a 75 ball variation, popular in Scandinavia. As well as bingo games they offer a brilliant range of side games, including award winning slots, table games and scratchcards. Bingo sites on the Microgaming network can all look entirely different as they all have their own branding, which makes it more interesting for players who would otherwise get fed-up of many similar looking sites.’s list of the best Microgaming network bingo sites & complete network review.

Cozy Games Bingo
cozy games bingo

Cozy Games was launched in 2005 by a group of people who had varying experiences in the gaming industry and were determined to use their knowledge to create a leading brand to offer to the online bingo industry. As well as the more popular 90 ball and 75 ball bingo they also offer 30 ball and 80 ball bingo, two relative newcomers who are fast gaining in popularity. They have a nice range of side games as well. Cozy Games rewards players with a loyalty scheme, where you can exchange points for either cash or games. They have a Multi Screen feature, which means that players can multi-task and play in several games all on one screen, making life a lot easier for them.’s list & detailed review of the best Cozy Games network bingo sites.