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When you play online bingo there are several different methods you can use to deposit and to cash out, depending on which bingo site you play on. There are some methods though that are more common than others and are widely accepted. By using our payment guide to Internet bingo, you will be better prepared to play and pay for your real money online bingo play. Additionally, you will have a better understanding of how to cash out your winnings from online bingo sites.

Credit Card Bingo

Credit cards are a popular method and most people have either a Visa or Mastercard. It is an instant transaction and bingo sites use encrypted technology to keep your card details safe. You simply fill in your card details and away you go. You cannot always cash out to a Mastercard, so if that is your deposit method you may have to use a different withdrawal method.

PayPal Bingo

Paypal is a fairly new method to deposit and cashout when playing online bingo but one that is used by many people in other areas, such as eBay. It is a type of e-wallet method where you can open a Paypal account, fund that, usually by debit or credit card, and then transfer any money to your bingo account. It will no doubt become more popular and widely used in the future. PayPal is by far our preferred payment processor for playing bingo online.

Prepaid Bingo

Some people prefer to use prepaid vouchers and cards, such as Ukash and paysafecard, to fund their online bingo accounts. It is very safe as you don’t have to give your bank or card details, so is ideal for anyone who either doesn’t have either of these or is just very security conscious. These can be brought in a growing number of shops and are sold in different sizes, you then follow the instructions to transfer money to your account. You cannot use these to withdraw any money, so will need to find an alternative cashout method.

Playing bingo with e-wallet

e-wallets are a very popular method used to fund accounts as they offer security and peace of mind. You choose a method, such as Moneybookers or Neteller, and open an account with them. You then fund your e-wallet, usually by credit or debit card, and once this is done you can transfer money across to your account, which happens instantly. e-wallets are popular with people who do not like giving out their personal details, especially if they play on several sites. Read more about funding your online bingo accounts with a variety of e-wallets.

Paying for bingo with your bank account
Some players will make a money transfer to fund their bingo account, using organisations such as Western Union. You can fund this by credit or debit card and then this will be transferred to the bingo site.

Some sites will accept a deposit by cheque. This is not an instant transaction but is easy to do, you just need to find out who to make the cheque payable to, make sure your details are there to so they know who to credit the payment to, and send it in the post.

Some bingo sites will allow you to deposit by bank transfer, which is also known as a wire transfer. This is a very safe method, you just need to get the relevant details from the bingo site and then either do this online or call into your bank to arrange this.