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There are several different types of bingo games available when you play online, so you can choose which type to play depending on your personal preferences. While there are a few different types of online bingo games, not all Internet bingo sites offer each different style of game. Each site tends to offer different games based on the country they are targeting, as well as the capability of the network they are a member of. In case you are unfamiliar with the various styles of bingo games that are played on the Internet, we have compiled a list of the various games you can play, as well as the top sites who offer each type of game.

90 ball bingo games

90 ball bingo is the most traditional type of bingo played in the UK and Europe. Each card in this game will have three horizontal lines and nine columns. There are fifteen numbers on each card, five on each line. The first column will contain numbers one – nine, the second will have numbers from ten – nineteen and so on, up to the last column which has numbers eighty – ninety. When you play 90 number bingo, the game is usually divided into three sections, you first play for a line, then two lines, and then a full house. When playing for two lines it can be any two of them, whichever two you complete first. The prizes for each line will be smaller then the prize for crossing off all of your numbers and calling a Full House.

75 ball bingo games

75 ball bingo is the version that is most traditionally played in the USA and Canada, although in recent years, mostly due to the spread of playing online bingo, it is becoming more common in other areas. 75 ball bingo is played on a card which has five horizontal lines and five columns, with each column headed by either B, I, N, G or O. The first column, B, can contain numbers one – fifteen, I will have sixteen – thirty and so on, with O having sixty one – seventy five. The space in the middle of the card is a free one and doesn’t have a number on it. On 75 number bingo, players again have to cross off numbers, but the aim of this game is to complete a certain pattern. There are countless variations around from simple shapes to more complex pictures, and the winner is the first to cover the pattern.

30 ball bingo games

30 ball bingo is one of the newer versions of the game, and has only made an appearance in recent years. It is played on a card made up of three columns and three horizontal lines and is also known as speed bingo because, as you might imagine with only nine numbers to get, it is a much faster version than others around. The winner is the first player to cross off all of their numbers. Some players do not like 30 ball bingo simply because it does go so quickly whereas others play it purely for that reason. If you only have a limited amount of time with which to go online and play bingo 30 ball bingo is ideal. It is also popular with people who get bored quickly and there are people who prefer to play several 30 ball bingo games instead of one 90 ball bingo game.

While 75 & 90 number bingo are the more common online bingo games in terms of offerings and game selection, not all bingo sites spread speed bingo games.

80 ball bingo games

80 ball bingo is another recent addition to the more familiar versions of bingo. It is seen as a happy medium between the two most popular versions of bingo, 75 ball and 90 ball, ideal for when you haven’t quite got enough time to play a game of 90 ball bingo but want to play a slightly longer game than 75 ball bingo. The card usually has four horizontal lines and four columns, and often each column will be in a different colour. The game itself is played like a 75 ball bingo game in that you have to mark whatever the specified pattern is. Common themes are all four corners, an X shape, the four central squares or all squares, but can also be a pattern.

80 number bingo games are not found at all online bingo sites. This game, in fact, is predominantly found amongst the Virtue Fusion (Playtech) bingo sites and is a rare find on the other bingo networks.